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UK - South Africa first exchange in London

Dr Claudia Loggia visited the University of Westminster between 4th and 8th April 2016 as part of the Royal Society Newton Advanced Fellowship, awarded in collaboration with Dr Maria Christina Georgiadou. The overarching aim is to providing training to Dr Loggia’s research group and provide a forum for multidisciplinary collaboration with leading academics and practitioners in the UK. The training programme will enable Dr Loggia’s research team transfer knowledge to South African mainstream construction and inform policy-making in relation to low-income housing and sustainability in African cities. In particular, Dr Loggia received training in the following areas:

4th April 2016: Action Research and Participatory Techniques led by PSI colleagues: Dr Kevin Burchell, Dr Isis Nunez-Ferrera and Ben Fagan-Watson

5-6th April 2016Project Management and Urban Regeneration in Affordable and Social Housing Schemes led by Dr Maria Christina Georgiadou and Martin Ball from the Department of Property and Construction.

This also included study visits to three urban regeneration sites in West London; namely: Copley Close (in design stage); Acton Gardens (under construction) and Chalk Hill (at operation stage).

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