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GCRF Global Engagement Meeting in Nairobi

On 31 January 2018, Dr Claudia Loggia was invited as guest speaker at the Global Engagement Meeting (GEM) organised by the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) and the UK Research Councils in Nairobi, Kenya (January 30th-2nd February 2018). This GEM was organised by the Research Councils UK (RCUK) to showcase opportunities available through GCRF, bringing together developing countries and UK researchers to discuss opportunities for maximising the contribution of GCRF into policy and practice.

The GEM’s programme consisted of a two-day workshop and a site visit (at the Nairobi Archives and Nairobi CBD). The event was a great success with an attendance of more than 100 delegates coming from 20 countries across the world (mainly UK and developing countries). The main purpose of this event was to develop new research networks, while promoting cross-disciplinary approaches. It was a great opportunity to engage and discuss potential partnership opportunities between UK research institutions and other academic and non-academic representatives from developing countries.

Claudia was invited to present her experience with Newton Fund and to discuss partnership building, the opportunities and challenges of working within an international development space. Her presentation, entitled “Case study presentation: a Newton Fund - ISULabaNtu project in South Africa” showed preliminary project key findings, focusing on building partnership as a key strategy for upgrading informal settlements. The program also included sessions with group activities in which Claudia had the opportunity to discuss ways to maximise the impact of research on sustainable development and, more specifically, research needs and gaps for southern-led research networks. Funding opportunities and ways to get involved with the GCRF were also discussed with the launch of the Global Engagement Network, as a way to strengthen the partnership between UK based researchers and developing countries.

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