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ISULabaNtu Co-Investigator Isis Nunez Ferrera at UK-SA colloquium on Demystifying Qualitative Analys

Our Co-Investigator Dr Isis Nunez Ferrera (University of Westminster) will be in Sheffield, UK, this week to present at the Sheffield-Wits PhD Newton Exchange Programme Colloquium on Demystifying Qualitative Analysis.

The two day event will consist of an open session in which researchers share their experience with different aspects of qualitative analysis, answer questions about their craft and practice, and make clear how they have dealt with the complexity of the analysis process.

A preliminary example of one of the types of visualisations of qualitative data we are developing with community members in ISULabaNtu. The image here shows a discussion on drivers for self-organisation and how a community accesses city structures and institutions.

Isis will be presenting her work on informal settlements in Nairobi, Kenya, as well as 'work in progress' for our work in Durban, South Africa. This will fit into the colloquium's theme on data display. Data displays serve the purpose of organising and compressing information gathered, thus making it amenable to further analysis and interpretation. Data displays tend use a visual format to present information systematically and can take a variety of forms. Examples include matrices, graphs, charts, networks, but also extended text, fieldwork notes, contact summaries or a report of a case analysis meeting. Presentations under this theme will explore ways in which data can be displayed in order to understand the extent of knowledge acquired, draw preliminary findings and plan next steps of research.

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