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UK team deliver workshop on Research Design and Action Research Methods

Whilst visiting Durban this June, members of the UK team (Dr Maria Christina Georgiadou and Dr Isis Nunez Ferrera) delivered a workshop for University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) colleagues and students on Research Design and Action Research Methods. Sharing information on these topics helps to ensure the project's delivery lives up to its ambitious plans for inclusive and community-led research.

(Left) Dr Maria Christina Georgiadou (centre), Dr Isis Nunez Ferrera (left) (University of Westminster), with Dr Claudia Loggia (UKZN) (right) at UKZN before the start of the workshop

(Below right) Dr Maria Christina Georgiadou kicked off the workshop delivering a session on research design.

This was a valuable workshop to share ideas and perspectives, give feedback on work already carried out, and build consensus on how the project will deliver high quality research alongside a valuable toolkit. Whilst covering research design, the team found it particularly useful to share approaches, skills and techniques for interdisciplinary research, as well as action research methods and techniques.

Dr Isis Nunez Ferrera delivering a session which included the presentation of approaches taken in the related Latitudes Network project.

Staff and students from UKZN were among the participants in the workshop.

Developing, improving, and sharing action research approaches and techniques will be a valuable output of the collaboration between Westminster and UKZN colleagues. These approaches and skills are vital in ensuring researchers and other stakeholders can deliver the participatory and community-led work the project aims to provide.

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