Havelock informal settlement documentary

This documentary, created by the ISULabaNtu team in South Africa, demonstrates what life looks like in an informal settlement. It is narrated by Lindo Ntuli Thembelani (ISULabaNtu Community Researcher) who himself is a resident in Havelock. He takes the viewer around, showing his house and the different parts of the settlement. It quickly becomes clear what the key challenges are: small spaces, barely passable paths which become dangerous to walk on in the rain, illegal electrical connections which pose fire and electrocution risk, and an overall poor infrastructure and access to services. However, there are also opportunities, such as vegetable gardening and recycling which can provide viable livelihoods. Sadly, the settlement experience a devastating fire on December 19th, 2019, during which most of the houses as shown in this documentary perished. The settlement is currently being rebuilt by the community, with the help of the eThekwini municipality and local community organisations.